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Macallan Edition No.4

Macallan Edition No.4
Old and Rare
Understand the style of old and rare whisky with this standout. Premium, remarkable and superb.
Macallan Edition No.4

Apart from celebrating the new Macallan distillery, Edition No.4 is like a picture of the distillery itself.

The curves on two sides of the box and the back label represents the shape of the new distillery, and the green tone color represents the lawns on top of/outside the distillery. Besides appearence, No.4 connects the structure of whisky and the new distillery with four roles: Foundation, Form, Structure and Capstone.

Foundation: Tevasa Sherry Cask as the base

Form: Jose y Miguel Martin, Diego Martin Rosado Sherry Cask shaped the form

Structure: Vasyma Sherry Cask blanced the structure

Capstone: Finished with Tevasa Re-fill Sherry Cask

Not only the fourth release of Edition Series, Edition No.4 makes the value and idea of the new distillery and making whisky come together.

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