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Hibiki Blender's Choice

Hibiki Blender's Choice
Asia Exclusive
Understand the uniqueness of Asia Exclusive whisky, with this limited edition for Asian market.
Hibiki Blender's Choice

The Art of Blending

Blender’s Choice was released months ago for domestic Japanese market. It is the new-comer for the series, “Hibiki”, while it is also the 3rd NAS of it.

Blender’s Choice includes carefully selected vintages, married together by Suntory’s team of expert blenders. The addition of a few wine cask-aged whisky in the blend delivers a round, well-balanced profile and immense depth. It is believed that the average of whisky blended is 15 Year Old, while there is few 30 Year Old whisky blended in as well.

Many people believe that the Blender’s Choice is an alternative for the discontinued Hibiki 17 YO, and we believe that the Blender’s Choice can continue to celebrate the unrivaled art of blending and fine craftsmanship.

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