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Dalwhinnie Winter's Frost - Game Of Thrones House Stark

Dalwhinnie Winter's Frost - Game Of Thrones House Stark
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Dalwhinnie Winter's Frost - Game Of Thrones House Stark

In the vast cold expanse of the northern lands of Westeros, the lords of House Stark ruled as King in the North for generations. House Stark went through different difficult times, for example Eddard "Ned" Stark was executed in Season 1, the war with House Bolton in Season 6, and House Stark remains high popularity in Game of Thrones.

The Stark’s resiliency, strength and ability to thrive under the most intense situations are greatly shaped by Winterfell’s frigid temperatures. Like House Stark, Dalwhinnie is one of the highest and coldest distilleries in Scotland, its extreme conditions shape its signature honeyed sweetness and spicy warmth. It is best served chilled or over ice.

Ruling as Lord of the Riverlands, under the house sigil of a silver trout flashing above rushing water, House Tully embodies the surge of the rivers among which they live. Similar with House Tully, Glendullan situated on the banks of the River Fiddich, and they relied on the surrounded waters - they utilized a water wheel to power the entire distillery long time ago. Best served with a splash of water, Glendullan Select has notes of green apple, honey and sweet vanilla, with a dry and clean finish.

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