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Liquorfang - Benrinnes 18 Year Old 2000 Cask 306747

Liquorfang - Benrinnes 18 Year Old 2000 Cask 306747
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Liquorfang - Benrinnes 18 Year Old 2000 Cask 306747

Liquorfang 方酒坊 - Benrinnes 18 Year Old 52.0%

After waiting for more than a year, this monotone series from Liquorfang is finally back!

This is the 3rd bottle for the series, and it is a Benrinnes which aged in Bourbon Barrel for more than 18 Years. Benrinnes is famous of its meaty/sulphury new make character and due to its demand by blenders, Benrinnes has never become a front-line single malt.

Mr. Fang told us that this Benrinnes does not contain any gunpowder or sulphury flavour, but it does have hints of smokiness and flavours of bacon, with lots of honey and floral notes. It is similar with lightly-peated Irish whiskey - elegant and complex.

Mr. Fang pointed out that he had already tried more than 20 samples last year, however, none of them fulfilled his will, yet this Benrinnes was outstanding and surprised him a lot. After a tiny sip, “purple” popped out of his mind, and reminded him one of the most successful original movie soundtrack - “Purple Rain”.

If you would like to know what style of whisky Mr. Fang is fond of, seize this opportunity and take it home.

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Distilled Date8.2
Bottled Date10.2018
Cask TypeBourbon Barrel
Cask No.306747
No. of Bottles228