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Chorlton Whisky - Coig Deicheadan 17 Year Old

Chorlton Whisky - Coig Deicheadan 17 Year Old
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Chorlton Whisky - Coig Deicheadan 17 Year Old

Còig Deicheadan (pronounced as ‘Koh-ick Day-char-jan’) means “Five Decades” in Gaelic. It is a Vatted Malt made up of 4 well-known distilleries. We expect one of them locates at Orkney, while one of them has built its new £140m distillery and visitor centre, and one locates at Islay with non-heavily-peated style core range products.

By its name, it represents the slow and careful marriage of a small number of rare casks. These each contained exceptionally fine sherry butt matured single malts, the oldest was distilled in 1968 sourced from the distilleries.

Treacle tart, plump plums, come-hither Christmas pudding notes, and a seductive hint of coffee comes through on first nosing. On the palate there is an indulgent hot dark chocolate, combined with sweet antique leather, sherried sultanas. A wonderfully long aftertaste combines with cereal notes, and gentle tones of earthy tobacco smoke.

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DistilleryMacallan, Highland Park, Bunnahabhain & Glenturrent
Cask TypeSherry Butt
No. of Bottles211