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Chorlton Whisky - Ben Nevis 23 Year Old

Chorlton Whisky - Ben Nevis 23 Year Old
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Chorlton Whisky - Ben Nevis 23 Year Old

Whisky from Ben Nevis is not the first time selected by David, owner of Chorlton Whisky, and this time, there is an unusual story behind the bottle. At the very beginning, the whisky was maturing in one single Sherry Butt for 7 years, then separated into two Bourbon Hogsheads for its further 16 year-old maturation, and the two casks finally met again in the bottle. It seems like two brothers reuniting after the long lost.

The aroma of this Ben Nevis 23 YO gets very complex after the double maturation in Sherry Butt and Bourbon Hogsheads, on nose, it starts with apple, melon and banana, after few minutes of breathing, it becomes more tropical with hints of lime cordial and juicy fruit gum. Very oily and on palate, like a toasted bread with butter and redcurrant jelly, and it ends with pink grapefruits.

Unlike most Ben Nevis IB, it is not that intense with sulphur, but with a lot of refreshing fruity notes, which you should not miss.

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DistilleryBen Nevis
Age23 Year Old
Cask TypeA Vatting of two Hogdhead Filled from a Sherry Butt
No. of Bottles439