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Sugahara Cognac Glass

Sugahara Cognac Glass
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Sugahara Cognac Glass

Sugahara Glassware - Available at The Rare Malt NOW!

As you may know, to enjoy a glass of great whisky, you always need a good-quality whisky glass.

We are glad to bring Sugahara Glassware (Sghr) to our friends. Although it is supposed to be a Sherry Glass, we tried it with whisky in Japan, and discovered that the nosing was superb. Even for half-shot, the aroma of whisky can still be well expressed - its design does this magic!

Other than that, we have 2 different Sghr Beer Glasses (1 of them are Fujiyama Glass, which captured “Tokyo Midtown Award 2008” Design Award) and a Cognac Glass now. And a glass you have been asked for a while...a trendy Rock Glass as well - suitable for whisky on rock or serves as a Cocktail Glass.

Sghr is situated in Chiba ken, Tokyo and it is renowned for its quality in the Japanese Glassware industry. Not to mention a number of Michelin Restaurant are using their products. Sghr is a brand dedicate themselves to glassware creation, they have been creating lifestyle products other than catering products in recent years. They are still developing around a hundred products each year, and this is the reason why they should be respected.

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Volume62 mm x 127 mm 240ml