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無名氏 N.I.P Rare Dry Gin

無名氏 N.I.P Rare Dry Gin
無名氏 N.I.P Rare Dry Gin

Made in Hong Kong

N.I.P Gin

The ability to make difference begins with you: The two founders of N.I.P had an idea in 2017, and they worked hard in previous years to turn their idea into a product. Even they did not have any related background, they set out to pursue their passion in creating a true Hong Kong Gin.

They learnt the technique of distillation in Stratheran Distillery and were taught by Master Distiller of Four Pillars Distillery. The Hong Kong Distillery then boasts a copper pot-column distillation system custom made in Germany. As a result, they can craft a dry gin with traditional style, but also with local characters.

On nose N.I.P Rare Dry Gin contains typical juniper characters, as well as aroma of osmanthus and citrus. On palate it is citrousy, with layers of spices and grapefruit peel, finishing with hints of tea. The recipe definitely does the magic. 

Other than N.I.P Gin, we also have Gin produced in Japan and European countries. Summer is coming, let’s grab a bottle of Gin annd enjoy it!

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OriginHong Kong
DistilleryHong Kong Craft Distilling