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松徳硝子 Shotoku Glass Usuhari Tumbler S

松徳硝子 Shotoku Glass Usuhari Tumbler S
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松徳硝子 Shotoku Glass Usuhari Tumbler S

Amazing Glass-Blowing Art

Reveals Japanese Craftsmanship

Shotoku Glass

Located in Sumida, Tokyo, Shotoku Glass is one of the best known glass factory in Japan. Ninety years ago, they only produced light bulbs, but nowadays, they have transformed into a factory which produces high-quality drinking glass and other glasswares.

As mentioned by Mr. Yoshifumi Saito, Creative Director of Shotoku, ‘Although we hand-make our products, we never compromise on quality - only glasses with the best quality are able to sit on shelves.’ Every tumbler is examined carefully and the unsatisfied goes back to furnace for melting, and is re-produced by the craftsmen, it undoubtedly shows the craftsmanship of Shotoku Glass.

Shotoku is not only a gift choice, but you can always enjoy your cocktails or highballs with it. Especially when you are having barbeque or hotpot, a fizzy highball - ‘Japanese Whisky serves as the base, adding Yamazaki Premium Soda Water and mixing in a Tumbler from Shotoku’...This is always your great companion other than beers.

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Volume54mm × 97mm 150cc
BrandShotoku Glass