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醸す森 Kamosu Mori Junmai Daiginjo Nama

醸す森 Kamosu Mori Junmai Daiginjo Nama
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醸す森 Kamosu Mori Junmai Daiginjo Nama
Fresh sake having well-balanced sweetness and acidity

The newest sake from the traditional brewery producing 'Naebayama'  from Niigata, this sake is the sweetest in the series. The sake is obtained by drip method so the freshest aromas can be kept, it has fruity aromas of Kyoho grapes, pineapple. Very fresh and fizzy palate of fruity sweetness, but balanced by lively acidity and sour taste like yoghurt. Finishes with comfortable bitterness, contributing to the structure of this sake. The alcohol level is kept at low level, making it an easy drinking one.

Pair this sake with pan seared hamburger steak, blue cheese or even desserts like tiramisu.
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ShuzoNaeba Shuzo Co., Ltd
MeigaraKamosu Mori
Sake GradeJunmai Daiginjo
Sake Rice-
Seimai Buai (Rice-polishing Ratio)50%
Sake Meter Value-36