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大嶺 Ohmine 3 Grain Genshu Hi-ire Omachi

大嶺 Ohmine 3 Grain Genshu Hi-ire Omachi
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大嶺 Ohmine 3 Grain Genshu Hi-ire Omachi
A versatile drink that offers different levels of taste experiences at various temperatures. When enjoyed chilled, the sake has an incredibly smooth flavor upon entering the palate, with a sweetness and juiciness reminiscent of white peaches spreading from the mid-palate to the finish. When warmed, you can savor the soft aroma and umami of rice, and sweetness like a Japanese candy, Wasanbon.
This sake pairs well with a range of dishes, including sesame dressing salads, Saikyo yaki, and tempura.
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ShuzoOhmine Shuzou Co., Ltd
Sake Grade-
Sake RiceOmachi
Seimai Buai (Rice-polishing Ratio)50%
Sake Meter Value-