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吉田蔵u Yoshidagura u Night & Dance

吉田蔵u Yoshidagura u Night & Dance
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吉田蔵u Yoshidagura u Night & Dance
Refreshing Summer Sake with Low ABV

Brewed by Yoshida, with the name (Meigara) as Yoshidagura u, and “u” means both gentle, kind in Japanese (優しい), and it also means “you”. Brewed with “Modern Yamahai”, a brewing method without adding lactic acid and fermentation aids, combining with their special brewing skill, creating a natural taste and only 9% ABV, a refreshing sake for summertime. Modern Yamahai gives this sake a refreshing sourness and a bit of umami taste, and it can be paired with most Chinese and Western cuisines.
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ShuzoYoshida Sake Brewery Co.,Ltd.
MeigaraYoshidagura u
Sake Grade-
Sake RiceHyakumangoku No Shiro
Seimai Buai (Rice-polishing Ratio)40%
Sake Meter Value-