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大嶺 Ohmine 2 Grain Genshu Hi-ire Aiyama

大嶺 Ohmine 2 Grain Genshu Hi-ire Aiyama
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大嶺 Ohmine 2 Grain Genshu Hi-ire Aiyama
The popular brewery brings Aiyama rice to the next level

The always impressive simple package design makes the brewery incredibly well-known to drinkers all over the world. This sake is made from the notoriously famous Aiyama rice which is extremely difficult to handle, and yet the brewery did a great job by showing Ohmine's signature muscat grape aromas. with citrus and savoury notes from the rice. Smooth palate of ripe tropical fruits, with citrusy acidity and savouriness underlying, finishes with pleasnt astringency. All in all very complex and balanced. Light and easy to drink thanks to low alcohol.

Pair this sake with meaty dishes such as braised beef brisket, grilled pork chop.
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ShuzoOhmine Shuzou Co., Ltd
Sake Grade-
Sake RiceAiyama
Seimai Buai (Rice-polishing Ratio)40%
Sake Meter Value-