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Chorlton Whisky - Highland 19 Year Old

Chorlton Whisky - Highland 19 Year Old
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Chorlton Whisky - Highland 19 Year Old

An interesting story behind this bottle, it was first matured in a bourbon hogshead, unfortunately the cask was somehow leaking, then this whisky inside was mistakenly decanted into a marsala hogshead for over 6 years, creating this double matured 19-year-old Highland whisky!

On the nose, it is like caramel flavored pop-corns, so sweet and a bit burnt, with an aroma like ginseng and a hint of Shaoxing wine. Indeed a very interesting whisky, and you can find similar taste on the palate, along with salty and sweet toffee, dates, burnt orange peel. The finish is long, with a lingering dark plumminess.

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Age19 Year Old
Cask TypeMarsala Hogshead
No. of Bottles265