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新政 Aramasa Hinotori Kijoshu

新政 Aramasa Hinotori Kijoshu
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新政 Aramasa Hinotori Kijoshu
"Hinotori" from the Aramasa Private Lab series is a representative sake of the unique Japanese sake brewing method "Kijoshu". Kijoshu is brewed by replacing part of the brewing water with sake, giving it a thick texture and making the brewed sake fruitier and more luxurious, and the sake added to Hinotori has been matured in oak barrels for one year in advance, bringing an additional hint of vanilla-like aroma.
According to Sake Time 2022 rankings, Hinotori ranks second, only behind Juyondai. This Kijoshu has a rich fruity aroma, a full and sweet scent, and a honey-like thickness when tasted, while maintaining a certain acidity. With an excellent balance between sweetness and sourness, and its unique taste is unforgettable.
It is recommended to enjoy it as a cold drink paired with oysters, seafood, white fish, or sashimi, allowing you to experience the ultimate flavor of Hinotori.
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Sake Grade-
Sake Rice-
Seimai Buai (Rice-polishing Ratio)Kojimai 55%, Kakemai 60%
Sake Meter Value-