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Chorlton Whisky - Deanston 14 Year Old

Chorlton Whisky - Deanston 14 Year Old
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Chorlton Whisky - Deanston 14 Year Old

Deanston seems to be rare to see among IB brands, and this one is matured in a single Bourbon Cask.

The nose is fruity on first pouring, tangerine, pear juice, peach gummies, then settles down with hoppy ales, barley sugar and spices. There are little touches of minerality, lemon, floral and wax. The palate has tinned pears, grapefruit, syrup, aniseed and hops. It's an appealing combination of barley and breadiness with clean and zesty fruitiness. Refreshing and palate-cleansing, with a lovely touch of honey and fruit syrup in the aftertaste.

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Age14 Year Old
Cask TypeBourbon Barrel
No. of Bottles234