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Box - Dalvve Batch 2

Box - Dalvve Batch 2
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Box - Dalvve Batch 2
The Magical Box in the High Coast
Box Single Malt Whisky

Located in Ådalen, Sweden, BOX has been operating since 2010. Its name was originated from Swedish wood industry back in early 20th century. However, to differentiate from Compass Box (a Scotch Independent Bottler), the distillery changed its name to High Coast Distillery on 30th June, 2018. 

BOX pays attention to every element. Fed by the rivers’ crystal clear, chilled water, the distillery can create new make with a standout personality with fine flavour, while each cask would only be used twice at most, it assures every drop of whisky can be matured and nurtured affectively.

Every detail of each official bottling is disclosed to public, from malt and yeast type, to cask type and length of maturation. We believe you will be surprised by every BOX bottlings - the soft and elegant, peaty American Oak, the enjoyable and sweet PX, or other private bottlings released with different partners.
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DistilleryBox / High Coast
Distilled Date2011
Bottled Date2016
Cask TypeFirst Fill Bourbon Casks
No. of Bottles14208