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讓享受成為習慣 El hábito de Whisky

「頓悟與領會,有時不一定與年齡掛鉤,有些東西要用心去認知、 細味。」 

Aslan,The Rare Malt的創辦人之一,從合法飲酒年齡算起, 酒齡也只不過數年。但歲月的長短,的確不能用來衡量一個人對威士忌的熱愛。品酒路仿如人生旅途,有人兜兜轉轉,終此一生都未能尋覓摯愛;有人起步不久,卻已走上直路,垂手便抓緊了幸福的味道。Aslan很慶幸自己屬於後者。


行外人或許不知,雖然威士忌以蘇格蘭出產的最為歷史悠久,但近年以日本為首的亞洲各地新陳而出的酒品,早已風靡香港市場,而且口感不再以辛辣為主,頗受年輕一代及女士歡迎。The Rare Malt的創立,就是希望灌輸客人更多關於威士忌知識,與客人一同探索威士忌世界。

位處觀塘工商業潮點的首家 The Rare Malt ,打破一般威士忌樓上鋪的沉悶格調,以型格裝潢及爵士音樂營造舒適氛圍,務求使客人能真正感受品酒的樂趣。而另一家位於中環蘇豪區旁的分店更展示了更多珍稀及舊版威士忌,加上寬敞舒適的空間,無疑塑造出更奢華的感覺。以搜羅全球優質威士忌為使命的 The Rare Malt ,從不盲目追捧炒賣貨品,亦不以格價衡量酒品質素,只渴望能「以酒會友」。

‘Age may not necessarily serve as the crucial factor in epiphany and understanding. Sometimes, a deeper perspective requires authentic experience and emotions to unblock.’

Aslan, one of the founders of The Rare Malt, a passionate young man who has only few years of whisky tasting experience, though the enthusiasm for whisky which he has developed is indisputable. Aslan makes absolute sense since tasting experience is somehow similar to our life’s journey; some are lengthy with detours in every corner, people who take the path may spend a lifetime searching for the answers. While some people may have a flat and easy path, everything lies on a straight line for them to reach; there is no waste of time prior the enlightening realisation. 

Aslan, indeed, is the latter case.

‘I have been immersing in the flavour of this rich malt since my first sip years ago. My passion for whisky just keeps growing, and more confusions have been cleared up resulting in better understanding. I once thought whisky was a choice for gentlemen aged 30 or above and there was only one kind - my understanding of whisky was limited to the Scotch production.’

Although Scotch whisky has the longest history, Asian whiskies have conquered Hong Kong market with their diverse aromas; spiciness is no longer the only basic taste, thereby, they are highly sought-after drams for ladies. Meanwhile, The Rare Malt aims to educate the public on the knowledge of whiskies.

The first direct shop of The Rare Malt is located in the hip industrial area of Kwun Tong, which breaks the boundaries of traditional layout of upstairs shop. Stylish interior design along with jazz music background, The Rare Malt hopes to create a unique drinking atmosphere. And the Central branch near SoHo, showcasing more rare and older bottlings  along with a larger and comfortable space, with no doubt gives a luxurious and exclusive feeling to customers. Instead of blindly following the speculated items or defining the quality of whisky by its price, the ultimate goal of The Rare Malt is offering customers the finest whisky collection in different price range and create friendships over bottles.