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About Us

Make whisky a part of your life

Whisky is an irresistible spirit for us.

For those who love whisky, almost everyone of them falls in love at first sip.

When we look back on these years, whisky is always our key to happiness. We appreciate whisky. We love whisky. And we open a shop for whisky.

The spirit is getting popular emerging as the new cool in Hong Kong. Younger audience, including ladies, is sipping it in the spirit of fun. Other than Scotch and Japanese, there are Taiwanese, American, Indian... a lot more than you think.

Different countries make different styles of whisky (or whiskey!). Distilleries are releasing limited edition bottlings more and more often. By understanding what you are looking for, we can provide you with your most suitable choice.

Meanwhile, The Rare Malt aims to educate the public on the knowledge of whiskies and to explore the world of whisky with all of you. Time flies and years pass by, but our passion in whisky remains unchanged.

The first direct shop of The Rare Malt is located in the hip industrial area of Kwun Tong, breaking the boundaries of traditional layout of upstairs shop. With stylish interior design along with jazz music background, The Rare Malt hopes to create a unique drinking atmosphere. Our Central branch near SoHo, showcasing rarer and older bottlings along with a larger and comfortable space, definitely gives our customers a luxurious and exclusive feeling. And to keep up with the trend, we have an online shop allowing everyone to purchase conveniently.

Hope you enjoy the journey of whisky with us.