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Make whisky a part of your life

Whisky is an irresistible spirit for us.

For those who love whisky, almost everyone falls in love at first sip.

This spirit is getting popular from nobody to the new cool in Hong Kong. Other than the well-known distilleries from Scotland and Japan, there are Taiwanese, Indian distilleries and a lot more new distilleries all over the world.

Styles of whisky are varied, although this is what makes it appealing, you may have a hard time choosing one. Among different distilleries, limited editions and flavors, we offer help to pinpoint the right whisky according to your needs, and this is the passion that led us to found The Rare Malt. We hope to explore the world of whisky with all of you.

The Rare Malt’s shops are located in the nightlife hot spots, Central and Tsim Sha Tsui, along with stylish interior design and jazz music, to create a unique and relaxing whisky shopping atmosphere, you can find rare whisky and good value liquor in both shops.

Let us be you best partner on your journey of whisky.