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"A Whisky Collector's Reference, especially for old and rare bottles."


全書達 480 頁的《My Name Is Whisky》,不但收輯了大量的珍稀及舊版威士忌,作者更訪問了不少對威士忌行業有傑出貢獻的巨匠:有酒廠背後運籌帷幄的調酒師,有酒吧主理人,亦有獨立裝瓶商老闆等的專訪。正如作者所言:「儘管麥芽威士忌的原材料只是水、麥芽及酵母,但更重要的是主導的人、時間及所謂的風土。」


Stepping into the world of whisky, many of us will try to understand the brand story of each distillery and details of each bottle, instead of simply drinking the whisky itself.

With 480 pages, loads of old and rare bottles are recorded on the book,《My Name Is Whisky》. Meanwhile, the authors managed to interview people with different backgrounds, which all are related to the whisky industry, from master distillers of Scotch distilleries, to founders of bars or independent bottlers.

As mentioned by the authors, ‘While visiting a Scottish Single Malt disttery, one of the recurrent sentence is “the whisky is made only with water, malted barley and yeast”...but there are other ingredients that for me have the same importance: people, time and the territory, the so called, terroir.”

This is not only a whisky collector’s reference, at the same time, you can get to know different stories of brands and people.


Author:  Authors: S. P. Murat, F. Petroni, D. Terziotti

Language: English

Pages: 480

Size: 34 cm × 25 cm

Published: November 2017

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