Amrut Cask Strength

Amrut Cask Strength
Distillery Amrut
Origin India
Volume 700ml
ABV 61.8%

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來自印度的 Amrut 自 2004 年時成為印度首家釀製 Single Malt Whisky 的威士忌酒廠,有如 Whisky 被譽為 Aqua Vita 一樣,Amrut 的意思是 Nectar of Life/God,自 2010 年開始因 Whisky Bible 而彈起。因為印度天氣炎熱,加快了熟成速度,所以在短時間內造就了Amrut 的低年份威士忌。

Amrut has been distilling Single Malt whisky from 2004. As one may know, whisky means Aqua Vitae in Latin, and 'Amrut' means Nectar of Life/God in Sanskrit. Amrut earned its fame when it was mentioned in Whisky Bible 2010. The extreme hot weather in India significantly boosts the maturation of whisky in oak barrels, which creates Amrut's short time matured whisky.

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