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Aqua Vitae Whisky Selection

Aqua Vitae, means “water of life” in Latin, at the same time is the name of a Taiwanese IB. Similar to other founders, Allen hopes that more people can enjoy whisky which he is in favor of, “ Whisky market in Taiwan was growing rapidly in recent years, but the flavour profile of people in Taiwan are still similar with each other. My own preference is similar with whisky drinkers in Europe, it probably because I studied overseas in the past. This is why I would like to select something different from other Taiwanese IB, to provide more options for drinkers and to promote the culture.”
Brand: Laphroaig
Bottled in 2017, this cask was donated by Prince Charles for a charity auction. Allen Chen, founder of Aqua Vitae, had won the bid - profits from the auction were donated to residents on Islay. With a trendy and remarkably black label and wooden box, this 25 YO beauty attracts attention from connois..
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