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Asahi Dassai

Brand: Asahi Dassai
Limited Nama (Unpasteurized) Sake, with 39% rice polishing ratio, with stronger fruity aroma like matured apples and melon. Thicker on palate, with sweeter fruity taste and sourness. Finish with a slight rice taste...
$375.00 $390.00
Brand: Asahi Dassai
The favourite of Dassai's president, intensely fruity Junmai DaiginjoPolishing Yamadanishiki to 23% remaining, this sake has intense ripe fruity nose of melon, pineapple, white peach, everyone will fall in love immediately. Its palate is incredibly pure and elegant, mainly ripe tropical fruits, very..
$560.00 $660.00
Brand: Asahi Dassai
A super balanced Junmai DaiginjoUsing Yamadanishiki and polishing to 39% remaining, boosting its elegance. It has fresh and beautiful fruity aromas of apple, pear, melon. Refined, soft and smooth on palate, layers of sweetness of fruits, fresh rice and roasted nuts are all at the right level, showin..
$295.00 $315.00
Brand: Asahi Dassai
A Junmai Daiginjo that everyone knowsThe best selling Junmai Daiginjo of Dassai, using 'King of Sake Rice' Yamadanishiki, it has fresh fruity nose of apple, pear, melon and pinapple, with notes of rice. Complex palate, apart from fruity sweetness, it also has rice and yoghurt-like savouriness. Outst..
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