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Douglas Laing

Brand: Scallywag
A very lovely bottle from Douglas Laing’s Scallywag, decorated with alittle woolly hat. Bottled at a higher strength at 53.1%, warming you up in the cold winter, matured in sherry casks only. Classic scallywag’s aroma like dried fruits, chocolate and barley notes!..
Scallywag 10 Year Old Sherry Cask
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Brand: Scallywag
Scallywag Whisky, with an eye-catching Fox Terrier logo, a cute blended malt whisky brand under the independent bottler, Douglas Laing.This Scallywag 10 YO bottle was to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the company, then joined the core edition of Scallywag as an ongoing offer. Matured in PX and Ol..
XOP - Tomatin 25 Year Old 1993 Cask 12783
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Brand: Tomatin
A well-aged Tomatin from Douglas Laing’s Xtra Old Particular range, with spiced fruit, oak, vanilla and caramel character on the nose, the palate shows lemon meringue pie, cream, burnt sugar and coconut...
XOP - Probably Speyside's Finest (Glenfarclas) 50 Year Old 1967 Cask DL 12418
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Brand: Glenfarclas
“Probably Speyside's Finest Distillery”, this nickname could well be Glenfarclas when it comes to Douglas Laing’s bottles, a secret that everyone knows. Aged in a single Sherry Butt for over 50 years since 1967, a very collectable bottle...
XOP - Port Ellen 33 Year Old 1982 Cask DL 11120
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Brand: Port Ellen
Port Ellen was closed in 1983, and over thirty years whisky lovers kept finding different releases from the distillery. Although Diageo announced they would re-open Port Ellen in the future, connoisseurs still keep an eye on every old Port Ellen.Bottled by Douglas Laing, this 33 YO Port Ellen is in ..
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