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Still haven't prepared your gift yet? No matter (s)he is a whisky beginner, or an experienced drinker, we always provide the best options for you.

Brand: Glenfiddich
An exclusive hand-fill bottling available at Glenfiddich distillery, matured in Sherry, Bourbon and New Oak Casks. Then married in Glenfiddich’s unique oak Solera Vat, the Solera Vat is never emptied but always at least half full. Bottled at cask strength after 15 years of maturation...
Brand: Yamazaki
Yamazaki Distillery is a Japanese whisky distillery located in Shimamoto. Opened in 1923 by Shinjiro Torii, the founder of Suntory, Yamazaki manage to fulfill Torii’s desire throughout the years, ‘create a perfect whisky that reflects the nature of Japan and the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship.’Mil..
Brand: Hakkaisan
Crisp and clean sake with elegant and smooth palateProduced by well known giant sake brand, this Junmai Ginjo genshu is matured in a snow room originally dedicated to preservation of food. The room is kept at 3 degrees celsius even without electricity, so the resulted sake is extremely pure, smooth ..
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