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Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.

Independent Bottler

Due to the nature of its business model, Independent Bottler can sometimes provide more niche-style products, and now more whisky drinkers are interested in products of Independent Bottlers, as some of them bang for the buck!

Brand: Bowmore
Mercury's Selection - Islay (Bowmore) 30 Year Old 1989 Tiger's Finest Selection Cask 6121..
Brand: Glenrothes
The National Choice - Glenrothes 23 Year Old 1996 Tiger's Finest Selection Cask 23..
Brand: Cambus
The Whiskyfind - Cambus 28 Year Old 1991 Tiger's Finest Selection Cask 61974..
Thompson Bros. - Blended 38 Year Old 1980 Sherry Cask
Coming Soon
Chorlton Whisky - Miltonduff 11 Year Old for The Rare Malt
Coming Soon
Brand: Miltonduff
As you may know, we have been working with David (owner of Chorlton Whisky) for a long while, and we genuinely love the whisky he picked and his passion for whisky. That’s why we are glad to have this joint bottle with David.After this idea was brought up, we have been working for months to select t..
Brand: Port Ellen
Colour:A feast for the eyes!Nose:A fruit sherry monster. Lots of good wood elements, very old fine Italian Balsamico. Very special and unique qualities continue on with sour fruits, organic overtones, strong soy sauce umami, bellowing pipe tobacco, icing sugar.Palate:Sweeter and not a woody as the n..
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