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Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.

Japanese Whisky

Brand: Shinshu Mars
A groundbreaking Whisky from Mars and Chichibu, blending their malt spirit, which is an uncommon way among Japanese Whisky distilleries! Mars Shinshu Distillery and Chichibu Distillery exchanged new spirit back in 2015, then matured in Shinshu for over 5 years, and it was bottled in 2021...
$3,500.00 $4,880.00
Brand: Kanosuke
First single malt Japanese whisky produced by Kanosuke Distillery, using unpeated malt and bottled at cask strength, mainly matured in re-charred American white oak Shochu casks from Komasa Shuzo. With raisins, vanilla, cinnamon, lime aroma...
Brand: Kanosuke
The first Asia exclusive single cask release from Kanosuke, matured in American White Oak then finished in Red Wine Cask, picked by the Master Blender Yoshisugu Komasa. Very significant and thick dried fruit sweetness on nose, then creamy vanilla, a strong influence of the wine cask, making a  ..
Brand: Akkeshi
The fifth release from the Akkeshi 24 Sekki Series, and Ritto means winter begins. The 24 Sekki Series is released in alternating single malt and blended versions, and the fifth one is a single malt release. ..
Brand: Yoichi
Pleasant peaty notes and smokiness.Yoichi NAS on nose is rich and soft - peaty and smoky, then develops into hints of citrus sweetness and spices (ginger, nutmeg). On palate it is balanced, smoky, nutty with fresh fruits. A delicate finish with chocolate and fruitiness...
Brand: Taketsuru
Please be aware that this product is originally without a box...
Brand: Nikka
Nikka (formerly named as “Dai Nippon Kaju”) was established by Masataka Taketsuru in 1934. Yoichi Distillery and Miyagikyo Distillery were established later and they sticked to the traditional method which Mr. Taketsuru had learnt in Scotland. Many of their bottles captured different prizes and awar..
Brand: Kanosuke
2021 Second Edition from Kanosuke Distillery, bottled at cask strength with re-charred bourbon barrel as key. Featuring the cool sea breeze to the distillery from the Fukiagehama Beach, and whisky mature calmly in it. With strong vanilla aroma, then matured apple, caramel and mocha...
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