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Japanese Whisky

Brand: Akkeshi
Selected by Akkeshi’s Master Blender, Mr. Katsuyuki Tatsuzaki, matured in Cask 1223 Bourbon Cask over 3 years, with Akkeshi’s signatory peat smoke on the nose, along with sweetnesses like vanilla, brown sugar and biscuit...
Brand: Kanosuke
We have the Master Blender of Kanosuke, Mr. Yoshitsugu Komasa selected a single cask again, he surprised all of us with a Red Wine Cask Finished single cask bottle last time, and he has chosen a Sherry Butt this time! The Aroma is a sherry bomb with rich dried fruits, milk chocolate and roasted coff..
Brand: Shinshu Mars
A Blended Whisky series under Hombo Shuzo, named after their former consultant, Kiichiro Iwai. Blended with imported whisky and Japanese Whisky with the ratio of 75% malt whisky and 25% grain whisky.A limited release finished in Pedro Ximenez Sherry Cask, with more sweetnesses like maple syrup and b..
$550.00 $680.00
Brand: Hakushu
Known as “Mountain Forest Distillery”, the Hakushu Distillery is nestled in the vast forest at the foot of the Southern Japan Alps. In the quest to create whisky completely different from Yamazaki, Suntory established Hakushu Distillery with high-quality hardware and selected the site with clear und..
$2,280.00 $2,950.00
Brand: Shinshu Mars
Released by Mars Shinshu distillery once a year, the 2021 version is like an evolution of its previous release! With a strong aroma of caramel, chrysanthemum, which is its signature, with a more notable minty smell, and it is slightly smoky! Getting to 48% ABV, making it lighter on palate, but not r..
$1,080.00 $1,280.00
Brand: Shinshu Mars
The 2020 limited release from Mars Shinshu Distillery, it is to celebrate the reconstruction of Mars distilling site, which will be activated in autumn 2020, and the landscape of the distillery is printed on the label.This edition is matured in Sherry Casks and American White Oak casks. On nose, it ..
$1,180.00 $1,380.00
Brand: Taketsuru
Please be aware that this product is originally without a box...
Brand: Taketsuru
Please be aware that this product is originally without a box...
Hibiki 21 Year Old
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Brand: Hibiki
Hibiki was launched in 1989 to commemorate Suntory's 90th anniversary, and it celebrates an unrivaled art of blending and fine craftsmanship. Similar with its sibling, Hibiki 21 Year Old captured different prizes all over the years.On nose there is cooked fruit, blackberry and ripe banana, while on ..
Brand: Shinshu Mars
Mars Shinshu has been "revived" for 8 long years, while Sherry Cask whisky from them is still rare to see, maybe their whisky did not work so well with sherry cask at the past. We have tried some and American White Oak is still the best for Komagatake. In 2019, Mars starts launching more Single Sher..
Brand: Shinshu Mars
Mars Shinshu 2015-2019 Komagatake Asian Exclusive Cask 1202..
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