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Liquid Treasures

Precious Treasures in Whisky World - Liquid Treasures

Lots of connoisseurs love old and rare bottlings, at the same time they enjoy finding bottles from Independent Bottlers - some of them are time-honoured, but we also understand there are some new bottlers with high reputation. And today, we are happy to present you our new partner - Liquid Treasures.

Liquid Treasures is a bottling range of eSpirits Whisky in Germany, they received positive comments from both critics and European drinkers. Liquid Treasures were founded 10 years ago, but they already released a wide range of interesting whisky - Scotch like Speyside, Islay, single cask American bourbon whiskey and high-quality Irish whiskey.

Liquid Treasures - Taraansay 12 Year Old 2007 Blended Scotch Whisky
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A member of ‘From Miles Away - Artist Edition 2020’, as mentioned by Vincent, this special bottling series is dedicated to The Beauty of Nature.The initial nose is slightly irritating, then more sweetness is coming - popcorn, candy floss, vanilla, coconut, some grain-y notes as well. On the palate i..
Liquid Treasures - Strathclyde 27 Year Old 1992
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Brand: Strathclyde
This Strathclyde is a very old vintage whisky - distilled in 1992 and bottled in 2020 by a reputable IB (Independent Bottler) Liquid Treasures. In addition, it is a single GRAIN whisky. Single grain whisky is uncommonly seen in market comparing to its counterpart single malt whisky. In fact grain wh..
Liquid Treasures - Jura 28 Year Old 1992
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Brand: Jura
Another member of the ‘Living World’ series. This 28-year-old Jura on the nose is smoky, bidi-alike, minty, peppery with rose petals notes, hints of woody notes and pinewood are developed later. On the palate there are more pinewood notes, with some herbal notes, banana, caramel. The oaky finis..
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