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Some people describe Macallan as “The Rolls-Royce of the Single Malts Whisky” but many debates raise. Never mind, the mastery of wood and spirit with no doubt allows Macallan to produce whisky with unique style.

Brand: Macallan
Apart from celebrating the new Macallan distillery, Edition No.4 is like a picture of the distillery itself.The curves on two sides of the box and the back label represents the shape of the new distillery, and the green tone color represents the lawns on top of/outside the distillery. Besides appear..
Brand: Macallan
A limited edition single malt inspired by the timeless luxury of Macallan’s spiritual home - Easter Elchies House.Notes of fresh green apples, toffee, lemon and orange citrus are present...
Brand: Macallan
Each individual cask selected by The Macallan Whisky Makers was chosen for its distinctive and unique characters...
Brand: Macallan
Bottled in the 80s, Pro Nobilitate, Ebert Hainzl & Co. Hamburg was a renowned importer at that period. Macallan had few special bottlings for them in the past as a tribute...
Brand: Macallan
‘Estate’ is a tribute to Macallan’s heritage and its home. It is a special new single malt containing rare spirit from a proportion of the barley grown at Easter Elchies Estate, which is distilled just ONCE a year over the course of a single week.The Easter Elchies estate lies within the legendary S..
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The Maltman - Macallan 25 Year Old 1989 Hong Kong Exclusive Cask 1196
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Brand: Macallan
The Maltman - Macallan 25 Year Old 1989 Hong Kong Exclusive Cask 1196..
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