Macallan AERA

New Coming Soon Macallan AERA
Distillery Macallan
Origin Speyside
Volume 700ml
ABV 40.0%

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Macallan Aera was released in Sep 2018 exclusively in Taiwan region,  it is inspired from milestones in life, like making the Macallan Aera, which reminds you that every moment in life's journey should be savoured.

Oak casks for maturation were seasoned with sherry wine for 2 years, before the Macallan whisky was poured into, it is characteried by the sweetness of dried fruits, honey and citrus, then it ends with a very gentle and soft finish.

Macallan Aera 於 9 月開始在台灣限定發售,以人生的重要時刻和里程碑為主題,來提醒飲家人生中每一個時刻都值得細味。

熟成木桶方面採用了浸潤過 2 年雪莉的美國與歐洲橡木,令香氣和口感都充滿乾果、蜜糖 和 柑橘香甜,再以簡單而細膩的尾韻作結。

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