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Chorlton Whisky - Mannochmore 13 Year Old
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Brand: Mannochmore
A 13-year-old Mannochmore here which has a lot of lemon type aroma on the nose, with barley sugar and a little honey. The palate is rich and waxy, with sweet lemon, menthol, and balanced by some butterscotch. The finish is clean, citrussy and honeyed...
Chorlton Whisky - Mannochmore 12 Year Old 2007
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Brand: Mannochmore
Chorlton WhiskyThe Summer-y Speyside ReleasesMannochmore. This 12YO on the nose is clean, citrous-y and herbal, with notes of lemon, bergamot, vanilla cream and a hint of lavender. The neat palate is quite intensely tart at first, then sweet - like lemon sherbet or kumquat. It then develops into man..
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