Mars Shinshu 2014 Komagatake Heavily Peated Asian Exclusive Cask 1855

SOLD OUT Mars Shinshu 2014 Komagatake Heavily Peated Asian Exclusive Cask 1855
Distillery Mars Shinshu
Origin Japan
Distilled date 2014
Bottled date 02.11.2017
Cask no. 1855
Cask Type American Oak Cask
Volume 700ml
ABV 59.8%

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Mars Shinshu, 信州蒸溜所是店主近日最喜愛的酒廠,最令人驚喜的不是高年份酒款,而是低年份的單桶威士忌作品,2 - 4 年酒款經已造得非常出色。這支 Heavily Peated 款式以 American White Oak 熟成,即是Ex-Bourbon Cask。香氣不像 Islay 泥煤威士忌般霸道,一絲泥煤後有著菊花茶、木材、蜜糖和海鹽等氣味;入口非常 Creamy、油潤,甜味一下爆發出來;結尾中長,味如花茶、木材、煙燻、微微甘苦等。

位於 Komagatake 下,即駒ヶ岳下的信州蒸溜所曾一度停產 19 年,直至 2011 年才復產,所以款式的年份差距很大,如想知道更多關於信州蒸溜所歷史,可到小店購買由 Stefan Van Eycken 擇寫的 Whisky Rising (日本威士忌百科) 一看究竟!

Whisky Rising:

Mars Shinshu, my favourite Japanese distillery by far, the most impressive bottles are not the long aged ones before its revival in 2011, but the young, new whisky around 2 - 4 years.This bottle of "Komagatake Heavily Peated" was matured in American White Oak, as known as Ex-Bourbon Cask。Not as punchy as Islay Scotch on nose, first comes peaty, followed by chrysanthemum tea, oak, honey and sea salt;Creamy and oily in palate, then comes with explosive sweetness;Medium to long finish,like floral tea, wood, smoky and hints of bitter。

Mar Shinshu distillery was once mothballed (Production paused) for 19 years until its revival in 2011,if you want to know more about the distillery,we recommand you Whisky Rising, a book about Japnese distillery by Stefan Van Eycken, which is avaliable at The Rare Malt. 

Whisky Rising:

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