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Brand: Maruishi
A clean and beautiful yet complex Omachi sakeFresh fruity tastes of melon, white peach and banana, with savoury and spice notes. Fresh and vibrant palate though this is a pasteurized sake. One thing worth noticing is that polishing Omachi to this low ratio requires a high level of techniques and pat..
二兔 Nito Junmai Daiginjo Nama Genshu Omachi 48
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Brand: Maruishi
Balanced and complex, a sake to taste OmachiPronounced ripe fruity nose like cherry, muscat grape and pear. Fizzy palate, full body with multiple layers of flavours, apart from fruits, this sake has all you need to taste from Omachi rice such as sourness, savouriness and mild astringency. Every flav..
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