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Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.

Nantou Omar Fruit Liqueur Barrels Miniature

Nantou Omar Fruit Liqueur Barrels Miniature
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Nantou Omar Fruit Liqueur Barrels Miniature

Omar means “amber” in Gaelic, it is the single malt whisky from Nantou, Taiwan's second whisky distillery. Nantou insists making whisky with a natural way, with non-chill filtering and no-colouring, and received great attentions throughout the years.

Nantou is famous of its fruits and fruit liqueurs (because of its terroir), the distillery used different fruit liqueur barrels for double mature. The lychee liqueur barrel finished combines marmalade and honey sweet flavours with fresh lychee sweetness. The plum liqueur barrel finished combines woody and citrus elegant flavours with green plums sour hints, while the black queen wine barrel finished expresses the terroir of Nantou, combining raisin, spices with comfortable tannin impression.

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Cask TypePlum Liqueur Barrel Black Queen Wine Barrel Lychee Liqueur Barrel
No. of bottle3000 4100 3800
ABV54.00% 56.00% 56.00%
Volume50ml x 3