Nikka Coffey Grain

Nikka Coffey Grain
Brand Nikka
Origin Japan
Volume 700ml
ABV 45.0%

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Nikka 由被喻為「日本威士忌之父」的竹鶴政孝於 1934 年創立(前身為 Dai Nippon Kaju),先後建立余市蒸餾所及宮城峽蒸餾所,兩所蒸餾所的不同作品均屢獲殊榮,標示年份的作品更可謂一瓶難求。

兩座 Coffey Still(連續式蒸餾器)均放置在宮城峽蒸餾所內。Coffey Grain 內的主要原料為粟米,入口以香甜為主,同時具層次感及獨特口感,讓你能以另一方式欣賞穀物威士忌的美態。

Nikka (formerly named as “Dai Nippon Kaju”) was established by Masataka Taketsuru in 1934. Yoichi Distillery and Miyagikyo Distillery were established later and they sticked to the traditional method which Mr. Taketsuru had learnt in Scotland. Many of their bottles captured different prizes and awards, and were stopped releasing due to shortage of old whisky.

Both Coffey Stills were transferred to Miyagikyo Distillery in 1999. Coffey Grain is predominantly made from corn and distilled in a Coffey Still. The complex, sweet and mellow flavors of this expression will help you re-discover the beauty of a grain whisky.

  • HKD$780.00