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Rare and Limited

Older bottlings and rare bottles are always on whisky collectors’ list. Meanwhile, we provide some “more accessible” choices for you to try out the style of old bottles.

Brand: Glengoyne
Entirely matured in hand-selected first-fill and refill European Sherry casks, only 5200 bottles were released, a well-sherried and full-bodied one.With rich aromas like rum & raisin chocolate, marmalade and hints of spices. Complexing and thick palate with Sherry sweetness, warm spices, cinnamo..
Brand: Midleton
The Art of Single Pot Still IrishFor more than 100 years, Redbreast has stayed true to the Irish Pot Still whiskey making tradition. Produced by Midleton Distillery, Redbreast is proudly considered the definitive expression of the Single Pot Still art...
Brand: Shinshu Mars
A groundbreaking Whisky from Mars and Chichibu, blending their malt spirit, which is an uncommon way among Japanese Whisky distilleries! Mars Shinshu Distillery and Chichibu Distillery exchanged new spirit back in 2015, then matured in Shinshu for over 5 years, and it was bottled in 2021...
Brand: Kanosuke
First single malt Japanese whisky produced by Kanosuke Distillery, using unpeated malt and bottled at cask strength, mainly matured in re-charred American white oak Shochu casks from Komasa Shuzo. With raisins, vanilla, cinnamon, lime aroma...
Brand: Kanosuke
The first Asia exclusive single cask release from Kanosuke, matured in American White Oak then finished in Red Wine Cask, picked by the Master Blender Yoshisugu Komasa. Very significant and thick dried fruit sweetness on nose, then creamy vanilla, a strong influence of the wine cask, making a  ..
Brand: Glenfarclas
The fifth release in the Family Collector series from Glenfarclas that celebrates the six generations of ownership by the Grant family, and this release was bottled in honour of John L.S. Grant...
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