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Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.

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Brand: Komasa
Shochu x Sakurajima Komikan = Komasa GinAttention to Gin Lovers, the new Komasa Gin from Kagoshima, Japan, is now available @ The Rare Malt! The best buddy to make Gin & Soda / tonic before getting melted by summer.Rice Shochu is used as the base of Komasa Gin, with Juniper Berries, Sakurajima K..
Not exactly gin. Kyoto plums and Hokkaido haskap berries were infused in a gin specially formulated for this bottling. After infusing, Hokkaido beet sugar was added making for a plethora of flavors that are blended gently to perfection...
Brand: Komasa
The roasty, vegetal aroma fills your mouth with your first sip.A subtle sweetness and wood-like fragrance appears as you exhale,and before you know it, you’re back for another sip.A familiar fragrance brings you back,the effortless combination of roasted hojicha tea with gin.Kagoshima, one of Japan’..
Brand: Jamaican
The Whiskyfind - Jamaican 12 Year Old 2007 Jazzin: Drums for Rum and Whisky Kyoto Cask 93..
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