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季之美 KI NO BI Kyoto Dry Gin
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The first Japanese gin made in Kyoto.Created with Japanese botanicals, such as yellow yuzu, hinoki wood chips, gyokuro tea. The distillery separates these botanicals into six different categories and distills each category individually. As a result there is a fresh aroma of yuzu, and a thread of san..
A 48-year-old Secret Armagnac. Armagnac from France has been gaining attention in recent years as a high-quality, reasonably priced spirit. The aroma is very elegant and sweet, with scents of dried white grapes, floral notes, and syrup. The taste closely matches the aroma, light and sweet, making it..
$1,380.00 $1,780.00
Brand: Epris
An 11-year-old Brazilian rum, distilled in Epris from a blend of 80% cane juice and 20% molasses, matured for six years in Amburana wood in Brazil, and then in bourbon in Europe for the remainder.The nose has pineapple tarte tatin, butter, apples, banana and custard, then herbal and spiciness, ..
Brand: Dom Perignon
Dom Perignon Brut is a remarkable champagne that takes no fewer than eight years to go through a slow transformation in contact with the yeast. Crafting unique characters between the vintage year and signature of Dom Perignon. It is an invitation to enter the world of Dom Pérignon, a promise of an u..
Brand: NIP
Using Phoenix Honey Orchard, a famous and rare Chinese tea as one of the ingredients, together with juniper berries, grapefruit peel and ginger.  It creates a unique profile that sees the elegance and fragrance of the tea perfectly harmonize with the spices and freshness of the rest of the ingr..
$499.00 $580.00
Brand: Two Moons
Two Moons is a Hong Kong distillery, the team has been passionate in crafting quality gins since 2019, with their signature copper still, Luna. With calamansi sourced from local farms in the New Territories and Southeast Asia, creating a refreshing, citrus-style and notes of juniper berries. Pe..
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