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Brand: Maruishi
Introducing the seasonal limited Sake from Nito, a sparkling sake produced through a second  fermentation process.With delightful fizzy bubbles, the taste profile of this Nito is impressively rich, with a moderate sweetness and refreshing acidity. It is full-bodied, featuring umami and rice fla..
The sake served in Japanese government aircrafts  Enjoy high class tastesBrewed from Yamadanishiki from contract frameres in Special A area of Hyogo prefecture, matured for 2 years under zero degree. Sake of 20% and 35% rice polishing ratio are blended together right before bottling, which is a..
A luxurious & elegant Yamadanishiki sake from a well-known brandFrom a well-known brand in Fukui prefecture, this sake is made from Special A area Yamadanishiki polished to 38% remaining, so that most of the coarse tastes are removed, yet the characters of the rice are maintained. It has fresh f..
Brand: Miyaizumi
Signatory Meigara of Miyaizumi Meijo from FukushimaInsist pasteurizing once only, increasing the freshness of the Sake. With aromas of refreshing fruitiness. Smooth and silky on the palate, with the taste of fruits and rice umami. Easy to be paired with different kinds of cuisine, recommended to enj..
Brand: Ohmine
The must try sake from a contemporary brewery  Enjoy rice complexity & sweetnessThe package design is simple and stylish, yet luxurious and chic, the 2 grains of rice indicate that this is a Junmai Daiginjo. The sake has the unique fruity sweetness of this brewery, such as apple, pear, grap..
Regional trophy sake of the world's biggest sake competition  Superb integration of tastesThe regional trophy sake of the International Wine Challenge Sake section. Beautiful nose of pear, white flowers, lychee, mint and green apple. Bright palate of candied pineapple, ripe red apple, with expa..
Super premium sake which is aromatic, yet crisp and cleanThis is the jozo alcohol addition version of 'Kaizan Ittekisui'. It has well versed and very attractive fruity aromas of apple, melon, honey with fresh flowers. Structured smooth texture, light but elegantly integrated fruity and rice sweetnes..
Brand: Asahi Dassai
The best tasting set to understand different rice polishing ratioComprised of 3 flagship Junami Daiginjo products from Dassai: 45, 39 and 23. All of them are incredibly fruity with aromas of tropical fruits such as apple, pear, melon and pineapple. On top of that, 45 Junmai Daiginjo has intense cook..
Brand: Asahi
A modern Kubota sake that is fresh and full of seasonal Created under the concept of 'The sake to be enjoyed outdoor', fresh yet intense ginjo aromas of muscat grapes, ripe melon. Thanks to low temperature fermentation and zero degree maturation, it has very soft and elegant palate, showing sup..
Brand: Naeba
The contemporary crisp and clean sake with lots of fruitinessThe newest sake from the traditional brewery producing 'Naebayama'  from Niigata, this sake is obtained by drip method so the freshest aromas can be kept. It has ripe fruity aromas of pear, lychee. Fizzy and fresh palate of sweetness ..
Brand: Naeba
Fresh sake having well-balanced sweetness and acidityThe newest sake from the traditional brewery producing 'Naebayama'  from Niigata, this sake is the sweetest in the series. The sake is obtained by drip method so the freshest aromas can be kept, it has fruity aromas of Kyoho grapes, pineapple..
Brand: IWA 5
The top end blended sake by the former winemaker of Dom PérignonStrong yet pure floral aromas, with plum, pear aromas. It opens up after certain aeration, showing even more complexity at the end with white pepper. This sake is blended using 5 different sake having elements of Yamadanishiki, Omachi, ..
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