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Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.


Brand: Yucho
Renewing Conventions and Creating New TraditionsThe brewery takes the challenge of brewing sake with brown rice (Non-polished rice) to create a thick character the rice can express, and naming it as “Power of the Ground''. With complex aromas like matured apple, rice cracker and preserved salted lim..
Brand: Yucho
Popular sake with strong local styleUsing the only sake specific rice from Nara prefecture, with strong and rather neutral No.7 yeast, this sake has fresh pineapple nose and fizzy palate. The rice polish ratio is 80% so it has complex layers of rice flavours, sourness, astringency and umami. It fini..
The must try Junmai Ginjo from a most popular breweryThe Junmai Ginjo from this brewery producing sake all through the year, using the best rice at the time with indispensable brewery owned yeast, it has elegant, sweet banana and apple aromas. The palate is clean, apart from sweet fruitiness, i..
The brewery winning the love from the author of 'SLAM DUNK' using the rice of 'Juyondai'This is the brewery which the author of the classic comic 'SLAM DUNK', Takehiko Inoue loves. Sake Mirai rice developed by Juyondai is used, as the brewery owner has good relationship with them. This sake has inte..
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