Chorlton Whisky

Chorlton Whisky
「我希望想把我喜歡的口味,透過一系列威士忌帶給年輕一輩。產品質素上當然不能參差,而且價錢上必需相宜。」 Chorlton Whisky 的創辦人David Bennett 如是說。

在「威士忌品質」、「酒標設計」和「價錢」三者之間,廠商往往很難同時滿足各方面。但於 2016 年成立的 Chorlton Whisky 似乎打破了這個不解的鐵三角,David 表示,在建立品牌之前,他只希望能造就出獨特、市面上並不常見的產品與人分享,但後來與威士忌業內、業外人士交流後, David 則希望能使單桶威士忌變得更普及。

‘The whisky which I picked to bottle, is something I’m excited about and want to drink. Everything else is secondary, but I’d prefer to release “drinkable whisky” rather than anything expensive or rare.’ David Bennett, the founder of Chorlton Whisky told us.

It is never easy to strike a balance among quality of whisky, label design and price, no matter it is an official or independent bottling. However, we discovered that Chorlton Whisky was doing something different. David said, ‘Initially I thought it would be fun to have something unique to share. The ethos now, though, is trying to make single cask whisky a bit more accessible,’
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