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Brand: Benrinnes
This Benrinnes is finished in a sherry butt for 4 years, but is the relatively elegant one compared with the above two. On the nose you can find the sweet aroma of berries, fresh, floral and honey. The palate has a more significant sherried influence, with dark chocolate, coffee and toffee sweetness..
Brand: Benrinnes
Benrinnes whisky, it sounds an unfamiliar name but in fact it was operating since 1826 and now it is a member of Diageo. Benrinnes is indeed uncommonly seen in market, except for Flora and Fauna Series and very rare Diageo Special Release, if any, only few from Independent Bottlers. Though Benrinnes..
Old Particular - Benrinnes 18 Year Old 1999 Sherry Butt DL 12228
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Liquorfang - Benrinnes 18 Year Old 2000 Cask 306747
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Brand: Benrinnes
Liquorfang 方酒坊 - Benrinnes 18 Year Old 52.0%After waiting for more than a year, this monotone series from Liquorfang is finally back!This is the 3rd bottle for the series, and it is a Benrinnes which aged in Bourbon Barrel for more than 18 Years. Benrinnes is famous of its meaty/sulphury new make ch..
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