We have a 13-year-old Mannochmore here which has a lot of lemon type aroma on the nose, with barley sugar and a little honey. The palate is rich and waxy, with sweet lemon, menthol, and balanced by some butterscotch. The finish is clean, citrussy and honeyed.

And a 29-year-old Tullibardine that we believe not a lot of you have tried such a well-aged one from this distillery. You will find banana bread, toasted nuts, vanilla custard and a little sweet wood smoke on the nose. The palate is quite different, starting with leather, rye bread and baking spices, and then developing on honeyed pastries.  The finish has olive oil cake, orange, and a little tingly gingerbready spiciness.

And here we go a new 11-year-old Caol Ila, very different from the Caol Ila bottled last year. On the nose, we have camphor, wood smoke, green apple sweets, oysters, plus a light waft of something medicinal. The longer it breathes the sweeter and fruitier it gets. The palate has a combo of ashy smoke and sweet fruitiness. A classic lip-smacking Caol Ila.

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