The whisky industry has been blooming in recent years. The single malt whisky is getting popular by most consumers and even though so-called “connoisseur favor” peated whisky is also welcomed by most people nowadays. Many distilleries now “develop” their peated flavour whisky to satisfy the market demand.

When it comes to peated whisky, many whisky lovers see Isle of Islay being the “Peat Landmark”. Lagavulin, our August highlight, is one of the stars of those Islay legendary distilleries.

We proudly offer you the “Lagavulin Distillers Edition 200 th Anniversary 2000/2016”. Distillers Edition (DE) is an annual limited release and this DE 2016 can be said as one of the best in this series in recent years.

Lagavulin DE is good at complexity and rich in favour and this DE 2016 performs even better. It was Pedro Ximenez (PX) cask double matured and also a special release for their 200th anniversary!

This DE 2016 is now rarely seen in the market. Please grab this chance to complete your collection!

Our Lagavulin selection: