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Thompson Bros.

Not content with establishing one of the best whisky bars in Dornoch, the Thompson Brothers decided to select casks and share what they fond of with whisky lovers. Afterwards, they have upped their ambitions and founded Dornoch Distillery by a crowdfunding campaign in 2016.

Organic Highland Gin produced by the distillers themselves is now available, yet for whisky we still have to wait for years (all of you should know why!) - you can sit back and enjoy different casks picked by the Thompson Bros. at the moment!
Thompson Bros. - Sutherland (Clynelish) 9 Year Old 2010-2020
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Thompson Bros. - Sutherland (Clynelish) 19 Year Old 2000 HK Edition
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Brand: Clynelish
Thompson Bros. - Sutherland (Clynelish) 19 Year Old 2000 HK Edition..
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