位於瑞典 Ådalen 小鎮的 BOX 於 2010 年建廠,名字由來與原址 20 世紀初、興盛的伐木業有關。然而,為免與獨立裝瓶商 Compass Box 混淆,開業八年的 BOX 已於今年易名為 High Coast Distillery。

酒廠重視釀造威士忌的每一個細節:流經酒廠的天然河水全年平均溫度只有 4°C,穩定低溫的水源冷卻出更純淨的新酒(New Make),而酒廠的木桶使用次數少於 2 次,使高質素的木桶能在短時間內陳釀出優質佳釀。

每一款 BOX 出產的裝瓶均會展現其完整配方,由選用的麥芽、酵母,至陳年的木桶款式、時間等亦會完全公開,你將能在 BOX 內找到連串驚喜。

Located in Ådalen, Sweden, BOX has been operating since 2010. Its name was originated from Swedish wood industry back in early 20th century. However, to differentiate from Compass Box (a Scotch Independent Bottler), the distillery changed its name to High Coast Distillery on 30th June, 2018. 

BOX pays attention to every element. Fed by the rivers’ crystal clear, chilled water, the distillery can create new make with a standout personality with fine flavour, while each cask would only be used twice at most, it assures every drop of whisky can be matured and nurtured affectively.

Every detail of each official bottling is disclosed to public, from malt and yeast type, to cask type and length of maturation. We believe you will be surprised by every BOX bottling.

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