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Hombo Shuzo MARSter Class Tasting Event Review

24 May 2024

On May 3rd, The Rare Malt was honored to invite Mr. Hiroaki Nakamura from Hombo Shuzo in Japan to host a whisky tasting event at the Tsim Sha Tsui store. The event featured six whiskies, including three from the Komagatake Distillery, two from the Tsunuki Distillery, and one blended malt whisky from MARS.

The atmosphere was relaxed and joyful that evening. Mr. Nakamura explained the background, production process, and unique flavors of each whisky in a simple and understandable manner. Participants listened attentively and eagerly joined the tasting session to personally experience the unique charm of each whisky.

Six selected whiskies

The six selected whiskies were lined up, from left to right: Mars Whisky The Y.A. #01, Komagatake 2023 Edition, Tsunuki Single Cask #5300, Komagatake Asian Exclusive Single Cask #2122, Komagatake IPA Cask Finish 2023, Tsunuki 2024 Edition.

Mr. Hiroaki Nakamura explaining

Mr. Hiroaki Nakamura personally explained the history of the MARS whisky brand and the characteristics of each whisky. His in-depth yet accessible explanations captivated everyone.

Whisky tasting

Mr. Nakamura elaborated on the key points of tasting each whisky, teaching everyone how to appreciate each layer of flavor in the whisky.

Participants tasting whisky

The participants focused on tasting each whisky, savoring the nuances. Everyone enjoyed this feast of flavors.

Whisky display

The six whiskies were displayed side by side, each one a labor of love from Hombo Shuzo.

Mr. Nakamura explaining

During the explanation, Mr. Nakamura frequently smiled sincerely, adding to the relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

Group photo at the end of the event

After the event, Mr. Nakamura took a group photo with the participants, creating a wonderful memory.

Event scene

The event was packed, with participants listening attentively and gaining a deeper understanding of the MARS whisky brand and its production process.

At the beginning of the event, Mr. Nakamura first introduced the history of Hombo Shuzo, a family business founded in 1872 with over 150 years of history, and a pioneer of Japanese whisky. Then, Mr. Nakamura introduced the six whiskies featured that evening, including their production processes, storage environments, and flavor profiles.

Of the six whiskies tasted, three were from the Komagatake Distillery. Komagatake Distillery, located at the foot of the Japanese Alps, is known for whiskies made with snowmelt water, offering a fresh and elegant taste. Tsunuki Distillery, located in the southernmost part of Japan in Kagoshima, produces whiskies with a rich and complex flavor due to the hot and humid climate. MARS blended malt whisky perfectly combines whiskies from both regions, showcasing unique flavors.

The entire event ended on a joyful note. Participants not only tasted high-quality whiskies but also gained a deeper understanding of Hombo Shuzo's brand history and production techniques. The Rare Malt will continue to host similar events in the future, looking forward to more whisky enthusiasts joining us to explore the infinite charm of whisky together.

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